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Womens Rain Poncho with Hood

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These vibrant rain ponchos for women have an elegant cut and will put you in a good mood on rainy days. They are suitable for women as well as men who are not afraid to show off their colours!

These rain ponchos are elegant in cut and color. They are suitable for both men and women who are not afraid to show their colors! Above all, the rain cape is 100% waterproof and keeps the cyclist happy when a rain shower comes. So cycling is fun even in the rain.

Special product features

100% waterproof quality material (polyester)
Water column W/P 8000mm
Breathable material
Large hood with elastic band to adjust for dry hair
Free storage bag with carabiner hook
Robust front zipper for easy donning
Rain cape is ideal for cycling in the rain
Plenty of room under the poncho for dry pockets
With a small storage pocket, the bike rain poncho can always be safely stowed in your backpack


Colorful rain cape: front length: 93cm, back length: 103cm, width: 146cm

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Rot pinke Regenponchos für Damen neu und stylisch für Modefans Stifel Style, knallig bunt

Happy rain ponchos for women

Bring color to gray rainy days with our Happy rain ponchos for women – your cheerful and ultra-light companions for dry and happy moments in the rain.

  • 100% waterproof quality
  • Water column W/P8000mm
  • Large hood with elastic band
  • Free storage bag
  • 93 cm long & 146 cm wide
  • Bag: 23x15x4cm, 280g
  • Models: 160-170cm tall

How to fold a rain poncho?

Here you can find folding instructions for the rain poncho.

  1. Lay the bicycle rain poncho flat in front of you and fold it down along the first button. The hood is now facing downwards.
  2. Now fold the left half to the right.
  3. Fold the poncho to the right again so that only one strip is visible.
  4. Fold the top and bottom ends inwards once.
  5. Fold the two outer ends towards the middle again. You now have a small rectangle in front of you.
  6. In the penultimate step, fold the rectangle in the center.
  7. The rain cape for the bike is now small enough to store in the storage bag.

Read the full blog post with step by step instructions and pictures here.

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