About Bomence

Bomence bags are fantastic and sustainable companions for all cycling routes. We love bright colors for our pannier bags to assure visibility in the urban space. The passion for the new experiences and the desire to make all journeys on bike more joyful is what fuels us. We want you to feel the anticipation for all of your upcoming journeys on bike!

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Mission: Joy

Bomence is an English word combination of Bicycle + Commence. The B also stands for Bags. These three words form the mission of the brand. Bomence provides waterproof bicycle bags as daily companions for new and familiar cycling paths.

We dedicate ourselves to the passion for urban cycling. Together we celebrate the desire for progress on an individual level with the strong, robust and colorful Bomence Bicycle Bags!

Our high quality pannier bags not only protect all of your valuable items, but it also give you bliss on your routes. With your belongings secured, you will focus forward and find flexibility throughout your journeys.

Our philosophy: Make all life's paths joyful!


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Vision: Self-creation

Bomence has the goal to create a place that enables pleasurable new experiences and encounters, while going your unique individual path. This place is in your head!

Cycling is the best way to develop freely within the perceived limits. As a cyclist you are a decision maker about wether you go right or left. Small decisions can cause great changes. What is your next destination after your current goal has already manifested? What gives you great pleasure and laughter?

As long as you feel safe and supported by your secured belongings, you can follow your dreams freely! Cycling with Bomence Bicycle Bags helps you achieve this mental place of freedom. That's sovereignty. This is the ability to self-create your way of life.

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Background: At home in freedom

As a nomadic Mongolian, the founder of Bomence Bas Suyina Solonggod traveled to many places in Asia and Europe. She realised early that she felt at home everywhere in the world. Later she understood that it was not the country but the body and spirit that made her feel at home.

In the modern age, people are losing the desire to walk the path because they only have the goal in their minds. The consequence is lethargy. Bomence wants to rediscover nomadism through cycling. Bomence consciously relies on sustainable means of transport that challenge the body and mind.

Our bicycle bags are practical, spacious and expressive. They are the perfect companions for your cycling journeys, whether in the urban space or outdoors. The greatest human good is the feeling of freedom. You can find this feeling everywhere if you keep moving and pursue your goals with joy and ease.

The essence of our life paths is to laugh a lot!


Sustainability and Entrepreneurship 

The entrepreneur and mother of three in Cologne, Germany created Bomence with a great desire to discover aha moments and thus new paths to happiness. She gives great value to exercise and radiates joie de vivre. Cycling with and without children is her number one choice for getting around the city.​

With bright colors and reflective panniers, she makes a visibility statement for city cyclists. Cyclists will be seen by car drivers and thus will be respected more and thus they can take up their place on the streets.

This is how we create considerate, healthier and more sustainable society together. Suyina Solonggod pays particular attention to sustainable production in China when producing the Bomence panniers and she uses high-quality recyclable materials.