Regencape stylisch tragen: So trotzt du dem Regen mit modischem Chic

Wear a rain cape stylishly: How to defy the rain with fashionable chic

Goodbye throwaway mentality: The rain cape - often seen as a symbol of throwaway culture at festivals - is now proving to be a practical and stylish accessory for everyday life. Its lightness, generous cut and reliable protective properties make it the perfect companion for any weather condition.

If you are still wondering which rain poncho to buy, read our blog post about our ultimate buying guide for 2024 .

If you already have a chic rain cape and are wondering how to style it, read on.

A rain cape is actually functional clothing . Functional clothing often doesn't look good and certainly not stylish. But Bomence has a few solutions here. Because both women and men don't just want to wear functional clothing, they also want to express their personality through stylish designs and combinations of clothing.

That's why we want to encourage you to look at the rain cape in a stylish way . That way you can pay attention to the combination of clothing and perhaps buy different colors of rain capes for different styles. Then you can show off your own style better.

What should you consider when combining a rain cape with normal clothing?

Shoes: On rainy days, your shoes should of course not be made of light material, so that they get soaking wet when it rains. So instead, wear elegant leather shoes, casual sneakers or cool boots with the rain cape.

Hats and scarves: A hat or cap will protect you from the rain and can also give your outfit that special something. A colorful scarf can add an extra splash of color to your look. Use the contrast here. If you wear a plain rain cape, use colors for your clothing. However, if you choose a bright, colorful or patterned rain poncho, choose subtle clothing as a contrast, such as plain jeans or leggings and a simple sweater and jacket.

If you are not wearing a bicycle helmet, you can also wear a hat under the rain cape with hood, as the hoods of our stylish and trendy rain capes are large enough.

Jewelry: Statement jewelry like big earrings or a necklace can enhance your rain poncho look.

Stylish rain poncho in blue turquoise for cycling

Pockets: Our rain capes are large and wide. You can fit a lot underneath. You can stylishly carry a crossbody bag, a bum bag or even a backpack under the rain cape. If necessary, you can also tie the bum bag around the rain cape as a belt.

If you wear a sleeveless rain poncho, you have quick and easy access to your things without them getting wet in the rain. This is where rain ponchos with sleeves are at a disadvantage, as you cannot easily get to your things like keys, wallet or cell phone.

5 Style Options for a Rain Cape for Women

  1. Classic and elegant: Wear the rain poncho in one color or two colors and combine it with a blazer and a dress. Choose elegant accessories such as a hat, a crossbody bag and leather boots.
  2. Oversized and casual: Combine the rain cape with hood and zipper with wide trousers/jeans, sneakers, T-shirt and sporty jacket or coat. For a contrast in the casual rainwear style, you can also wear sunglasses.
  3. Maritime and stylish: Choose the rain cape in stylish blue and white with stripes and wear it with a thick sweater, boots and a fisherman's hat style.
  4. Boho and playful: Wear one of our floral rain capes with tights and loose ankle boots. Complete the look with a wide belt and ethnic jewelry.
  5. Vintage chic: Combine a vintage dress, pumps and leather gloves with boots. A headband accentuates the style and the rain poncho is stylishly thrown over with a belt at the front of the rain cape.

    Bonus tip: Experiment with different belts to adjust the fit of the rain cape and create different silhouettes. Make sure to choose a belt that can withstand the rain.

    With a little creativity, you can turn your rain cape into a stylish and versatile accessory for any weather condition.

    Further ideas:

    • Wear the rain cape even when it is not raining but just windy. It protects you from the cold wind and can help you prevent a cold.
    • Use the rain poncho as a picnic blanket when you're at the park with friends in the summer.
    • Wear the rain cape with the zipper open at the front so you can show off your dress combination.

    Blue rain poncho for women on a bike with a helmet and hood. The woman is standing in front of a yellow background and is smiling at the viewer. Cargo bike rain cape

    Further inspiration:

    Show us your style! Post a photo of your rain cape outfit on Instagram with the hashtag #BomenceRegencape and inspire others.

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