Radreise mit E-Bike Erfahrungsbericht: Rheinradweg ab Köln - 5 Tage

Cycling trip with e-bike experience report: Rhine Cycle Route from Cologne - 5 days

A multi-day cycling trip with an e-bike through Germany, accompanied by a loved one, can be an unforgettable experience. This blog post tells of experiences from such a trip that I took together with my mother. Unlike the previous solo bikepacking adventure, this time we decided to stay overnight in hotels and restaurants along the Rhine Cycle Route . This decision and the choice of e-bikes not only made the tour less challenging, but also a time full of precious moments and experiences.

Cycling trip with e-bike: Experiences and itinerary:

The decision to use e-bikes proved to be a stroke of luck, especially on gentle and steep inclines. Thanks to the electric drive, we made faster progress and mastered the route along the Rhine Cycle Route to southern Germany. Our route took us from Cologne to Mannheim via Rheinbröhl, the Loreley, Mainz and finally to Mannheim. We covered this distance (almost 300km) in four days, knowing that our journey could be affected by unpredictable weather or events.

You can find some impressions of the e-bike tour here in the highlights of our Instagram.

Accommodation and tips for travelling:

Choosing accommodation was an important aspect of the planning for us. Flexibility was key as we booked hotels at short notice (halfway through the day) and made sure our bikes were safely stored . We also preferred accommodation where we could cook our own meals to keep our diet under control while maintaining fitness. This proved particularly useful as we not only wanted to get fitter and lighter but also had the option of avoiding heavy, high-carb meals.

The performance of the e-bike batteries was another important factor. With a daily ride of no more than 80 kilometers, we were able to push the batteries to their limits, with Eco mode being the preferred setting. It was important to charge the batteries overnight or in the evening. When renting, we specifically chose bikes where the batteries were easy to remove , so we took them into the rooms with us every time.

The right clothing was crucial in the changeable spring weather. From down jackets to windproof jackets and several layers underneath, it was important to protect yourself from the cold and wind. Particularly worth mentioning is the face shield , which was indispensable at high speeds and low temperatures. I recommend such a face shield to every cyclist outside of the summer. Here you can find the packing list for the 4-5 day bike tour.

Route planning for 5 days with the e-bike:

We started our e-bike cycling trip without a clear route or set destinations beyond Koblenz. With the experience of the solo bike tour and the four to five days we had at our disposal this time, we had the flexibility to adapt our trip as we wished. We could have turned back at any time or taken an alternative route away from the Rhine. But we decided to continue following the Rhine and explore the course of the river before returning by train. For the route, I used the apps Bikemap and Google Maps in parallel and in comparison.

When rain was forecast on the last day, we decided to cancel our trip. Instead of continuing, we took the opportunity to go on a city tour of Mannheim , which rewarded us with two museum visits and a cozy restaurant visit. After enjoying the beauty of the city, we set off on our bikes back to Cologne in the evening, this time in the comfortable IC.

Quality time and shared experiences:

The heart of this trip was the valuable time I spent with my mother. Our shared experiences strengthened our relationship and allowed us to create valuable memories and new experiences with the e-bike. This is especially true of the challenging moments. Another highlight of our trip was crossing a bridge outside Ludwigshafen (and the chemical site), which really made us sweat.  Although the stairs seemed like a big challenge at first, we decided to climb together. Every step we took pushing the heavy e-bikes up the stairs symbolized our determination and our bond that helped us overcome every hurdle.

The opportunity to experience such activities together is a gift that we both value very much. Despite the lack of conversations along the way, we enjoyed the harmony and mutual support that accompanied us throughout the journey together.

Conclusion and outlook:

A multi-day cycling trip with e-bikes through Germany not only offers the opportunity to explore breathtaking landscapes, but also to share precious moments with loved ones. The experiences and insights from this trip have encouraged us to plan further adventures and possibly consider an even longer tour. For anyone planning a similar trip, the tips and experiences described here are helpful guides to get the most out of their own cycling trip with e-bikes. You can also read the blog post about my first solo bikepacking tour of 3 weeks from Cologne to Rotterdam HERE .

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