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Sustainable bike bags - practical, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing

Bomence bicycle bags are aesthetically pleasing, practical and made sustainably.

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As an entrepreneur, I value the idea of an eco-sustainable approach to the modern economy. Our Bomence products are either recyclable, made of recycled plastics and/or contain materials that are made to do no harm. In addition to being eco-friendly, they also have a modern aesthetic design.

By purchasing these sustainable bike bags, you can positively impact the demand for sustainable products and participate in changing contemporary consumer behavior to support more sustainable products. Bomence bags are made entirely or partially from sustainable and recyclable/recycled materials. Besides their strong material quality, our bicycle accessory products also focus on functionality. They will secure your belongings on the bike while you commute to work or travel with your bicycle. 


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Life is a journey - Use our sustainable bike bags for yours!

Bomence offers selected sustainable materials for the production of bicycle bags and backpacks that are both functional and chic. With Bomence, I made a conscious decision to use food-safe and degradable TPU for the inner coating of the bicycle panniers. I also chose recycled PET plastic bottles for Bomence handlebar bags and roll-top backpacks

Bomence panniers are not only sustainable and eco-friendly, they also offer every cyclist the opportunity to be mobile and safe on the road. The waterproof material s and robust polyester offer sufficient protection for both short and long bikepacking tours

Let us together …

  • get more people interested in cycling activities such as trekking tours.

  • … make everyday life by bike (and corresponding products) more practical and environmentally friendly.

  • have a positive social impact (both manufacturers and customers).

  • contribute to our children's future.

The pink -colored bicycle bag  named "Pioneer" also reflects this path. You too can become part of a more conscious economic system by choosing a sustainable bicycle bag from Bomence. Ride with me into a better future.

If you have any questions or are looking for something specific, just get in touch! Here is the Contact form.

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